CLAYTHING is all about innovative clay-based flexible surfaces.

CLAYTHING invites to re-envision application possibilities of clay. The project experiments and explores the potential of ceramics, willing to break limited preconception and expectations of it to be static, rigid and fragile material. Driven by the pure aesthetics, both simplicity and multifunctionality, and inspired by recent developments in material science of clay, CLAYTHING designs new experiences of ceramics.

Clay + textiles

Textile construction techniques are used to assemble ceramic particles. These structures are transformed to an unexpected material on the move, what creates a new tactile, aesthetic and functional experience of clay. They behave like fabrics, yet ceramics ofadd new architectural characteristics. CLAYTHING is a playful fusion between art, material research and architecture.


Justina Monceviciute is a material designer, artist and a visionary, working in fields of Design and Material Research. Her focus lies in challenging new perceptions towards clay-based materials, their behaviour and application possibilities. Justina holds BA and MA degrees in Textile and Surface Design from The Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin, Germany.